Catherine Courage

Catherine CourageSenior Vice President, Customer Experience, DocuSign.

Catherine’s passion is transforming corporate culture by making customer-focus a driver of innovation and change. She leads the DocuSign Customer Experience team where her group’s mission is to create world-class products and services for customers, partners and employees that drive adoption and loyalty. Her team is responsible for company-wide product design, training, information experience, and business process reinvention. Prior to DocuSign, Catherine held similar roles at Citrix, and Oracle. Catherine co-authored the book “Understanding Your Users,” and is an active writer and speaker on creativity, innovation and design.

In her keynote address, Catherine will discuss her experience in applying evaluative thinking to product design, with a particular view to the end-user.  She has been featured in Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Huffington Post, and TEDx.  She has twice been selected by the Silicon Valley Business Journal – in 2011 as one of Silicon Valley’s Tech Leaders, and in 2013 as one of Silicon Valley’s 100 Most Influential Women. Also in 2013, Catherine made Forbes list of “Top 10 Rising Stars at The World’s Most Innovative Companies.”  In 2014, the National Diversity Council named her one of the Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology.

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