Conference Theme

We aim to explore the leading edge in terms of approaches and methods, but also of technology, professionalization, influence, and culture. 

We want to hear about the times when you have been at the edge; where you have pushed the boundaries, but also where you have hit walls and the lessons you’ve learned. 

We want to empower practitioners on the periphery to access content and capacity building opportunities by maximizing technology advance. 

1) Reflections from the edge: Sharing lessons learned from our practice. Exploring challenges as well as opportunities and ways to move forward.

2) Building on our edge: Sharing tools for building evaluation skills that transcend boundaries. Reaching more practitioners.

3) Re-thinking our edge: Breaking the mold through innovation and experimentation. Sharing new and radical approaches and methods for evaluation.

4) Perspectives from beyond the edge: Hearing how non-evaluators are using evaluative thinking to advance their organizations.

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