Participatory Data Analysis and Interpretation


Enacting a fully participatory evaluation process requires that stakeholders have access to the data and are engaged in determining its meaning; however, engaging stakeholders with data is fraught with risks. This half-day workshop will cover: 1) the mechanics of participatory analysis of qualitative and quantitative evaluation data (getting data ready for analysis – levels of rawness; ensuring rigour- positionality and challenge functions; preparing and facilitating different forms of analysis sessions; analysis products and subsequent reporting); 2) roles (who participates; participants as stakeholders versus analysts; evaluator roles, from pre-analyst to recording secretary); and 3) ethical considerations (preserving confidentiality; the special challenges of negative data). The workshop will proceed as a series of exercises with quantitative and qualitative data from a simulated evaluation.

You will learn:

Participants familiar with the paradigm and processes of participatory evaluation will learn considerations and strategies for the participatory analysis of data with and by program stakeholders, including benefits and challenges.


Natalie Kishchuk, Program Evaluation and Beyond, has worked in program evaluation and applied social research for over 20 years, on mandates in public and population health, education and social services organization and delivery systems, research funding programs, community development, and organizational and technological change. An independent consultant well-versed in qualitative, quantitative, participatory and developmental methodologies, she also holds an adjunct appointment in the École de santé publique of the Université de Montréal. She is a Credentialed Evaluator, a member of the CES Credentialing Board, and a Fellow of CES.



While the facilitation and data examined will be in English, questions and discussion may be in both English and French. / Bien que la facilitation ainsi que les données examinées seront en anglais, la discussion et les questions peuvent se dérouler en anglais et en français.




Other training and/or experience in participatory evaluation and a working knowledge of basic quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques.


Wednesday, June 8 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Link to CE competencies for evaluators

  • Understands the knowledge base of evaluation (theories, models, types methods and tools)
  • Analyzes and interprets data
  • Draws conclusions and makes recommendations
  • Uses facilitation skills
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